Culture, Creativity, and The Zones in South Australia

November 14th, 2023

The Zones of Regulation has been working closely with the South Australia Department for Education’s Self-Regulation Service (SRS), which is an innovative multi-disciplinary program to support social emotional learning development, to implement The Zones across the state. The Carlton School partnered with local Aboriginal artist Mali Isabel to create beautiful Zones of Regulation murals that celebrate learners’ cultures, feelings, and creativity.

The project attracted the attention of the local television station…we’re delighted to share their work with The Zones community.

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Author - Leah Kuypers & The Zones team

Hello Zones community, welcome to our Blog! Here we will share our latest information on key concepts and best practices related to The Zones of Regulation framework and curriculum, as well as highlight the work and voices of those in our community.

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