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Is Your School Looking For:

  • More time spent on learning instead of on behavior management?
  • A common language for for communication, problem solving, and emotional understanding?
  • Increased student self-awareness and social and emotional skills?
  • Systems for building regulation strategies into day-to-day routines?
  • Greater inclusion for learners with social, emotional, or behavioral differences into general education settings?

These are some of the benefits reported by schools with strong implementation of The Zones of Regulation curriculum.

3 Steps to Implementing The Zones

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Buy The Zones of Regulation curriculum book through Social Thinking.

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Sign up for a Training to get the foundational and practical advice you need for implementing The Zones of Regulation in your school or district.

  • The Zones of Regulation Zones Basic or Comprehensive Training will provide all staff with foundational knowledge of The Zones of Regulation methodology and curriculum.
  • Schoolwide Implementation Training will equip school teams with practical guidance and planning strategies to bring The Zones to life in schools and districts.
Get Started with School Resources

Champion The Zones at your school by gathering a team of educators to collaborate on a schoolwide plan for social emotional learning. Use these resources to get started.

Schoolwide Impact by the Numbers

85% of students, staff and families/caregivers rated their overall perceptions of using The Zones schoolwide as “very positive” or “positive.”

82% reported positive impacts on overall equity and inclusion for students with social emotional challenges and unique learning needs when using The Zones as a schoolwide program.

82% who use The Zones for Tier 1 instruction also use The Zones as a base for Tier 2 and 3 interventions as part of their positive behavioral and intervention supports (PBIS) or multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) system.

Attend our Schoolwide Implementation Training

(3 hours, 2.75 clock hours)

Our Zones of Regulation Schoolwide training empowers schools and districts to help students manage their emotions and promote well-being so kids can focus on learning. Leadership teams leave the Schoolwide Training inspired and motivated with ready-to-use tools and strategies to build a plan to strengthen their Zones of Regulation implementation.

Participants can expect to:

  • Examine schoolwide considerations that impact regulation, such as adult mindset, systems, inclusion and equity.
  • Generate an implementation plan, including developing buy-in, reviewing data collection, and customizing instruction for your site.
  • Explore ways to establish common, schoolwide systems, in addition to adapting Zones Instruction for varying age groups.
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Implementation Resources

Jump start your Zones implementation and deepen your skillset with practical resources.

Data Collection Resources

Use these Zones data collection tools to provide meaningful feedback on the efficacy of your implementation.

Download Resources

Implementation Guide

Use our Schoolwide Zones Implementation Guide for step-by-step support in building a plan for your site.

View Guide

Alignment with Other SEL Models

Many schools use the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competencies to organize the implementation of their social-emotional learning. Download our FREE printable Zones of Regulation and CASEL SEL Core Competency Guide to see how The Zones align with these competencies.

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Zones of Regulation School Success Stories

Teachers all over the world use The Zones of Regulation to create climates that support student well-being and success in the classroom every day. We are proud to share their inspiring stories:

By using the Zones of Regulation with students across my building, we have seen a consistent drop in student referrals to the office and for speech/language services. It has increased their mindfulness and social awareness. We have even seen academic scores increase.


It has helped our staff in understanding the needs of our students. It helps build empathy instead of frustration with our more challenging students. The Zones also creates a conversation that is more hopeful and skill based instead of punishment based. I could go on and on…



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Ponderosa Elementary School

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Shifting School Climate Using Common Language

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Questions? Schedule a Consultation

Our consultation team is happy to meet with you virtually to guide you in the specific needs of your unique school or district. The Zones consultations are available after the schoolwide training to support your team in making a site plan for implementation. Contact us today!

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