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Teach Kids to Manage Big Feelings Through Effective Social Emotional Learning

Over 80% of U.S. public schools reported in 2022 on the negative impact of the pandemic on child well-being and self-regulation. Kids are:

  • Struggling to manage their feelings and mental health
  • More disruptive in the classroom
  • Needing additional social, emotional, and behavioral support

(source: National Center for Education Statistics)

Introducing The Zones of Regulation

A Social Emotional Learning Curriculum and Regulation Program

For over 15 years, schools around the world have been using the original Zones of Regulation program as an empowering instructional tool to build safe, supportive environments that foster learning and well-being for all.

Students benefit from:

  • Increased self-awareness and social and emotional skills
  • A common language for communication, problem solving, and emotional understanding
  • More time spent on learning instead of on behavior management
  • A healthier, more inclusive school climate
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More than 300,000 copies of The Zones of Regulation books have been sold worldwide!
Join thousands of educators, mental health professionals, clinicians, and caregivers to equip your learners with skills in self-awareness and strategies for regulation.

Introducing the Four Zones

The Zones of Regulation provides an easy way to think and talk about how we feel on the inside and sorts emotions into four colored Zones, all of which are expected in life.

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Blue Zone

Sad • Bored •
Tired • Sick

Green Zone

Happy • Focused •
Calm • Proud

Yellow Zone

Worried • Frustrated •
Silly • Excited

Red Zone

Overjoyed/Elated •
Panicked • Angry •

Author Leah Kuypers explains The Zones

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Basic Half-Day Training

Our introductory 3-hour Basic Training course is the perfect foundation for anyone beginning their journey with The Zones.

You will learn:

  • Fundamental concepts of The Zones of Regulation
  • How to teach The Zones using visuals, videos, and student work samples
  • Key lessons and tools/strategies necessary for nurturing program adoption
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Comprehensive Full-Day Training

This 7-hour training for both seasoned and new practitioners alike is an in-depth exploration of how a self-regulation curriculum fits into the social emotional landscape.

You will learn all the fundamentals covered in the Basic Training, plus:

  • Learn how regulation develops and underlying neurobiological components
  • Discover how to set the tone and climate to support regulation
  • Explore regulation tools and strategies in hands-on activities
  • See how to adapt and differentiate The Zones lessons and concepts for various populations
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Schoolwide Implementation Training

The 3-hour Schoolwide Implementation Training will prepare school or district teams to successfully implement The Zones of Regulation as a Tier-1 social emotional learning (SEL) program.

You will learn:

  • Ways to establish common school wide Zones of Regulation practices and systems
  • Adult practices that build an inclusive school climate
  • The basics of creating a sustainable implementation plan customized for your school
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Zone Your Home - Parent/Caregiver Training

This 2-hour session will define self-regulation and co-regulation and highlight the basics of using The Zones in your home. We will explore how to set up check-ins and visual supports, identify triggers, build a toolbox of regulation strategies, and create daily structures to help your child and family thrive.

You will learn:

  • How to understand regulation and ways to support it
  • A basic understanding of The Zones of Regulation
  • Hands-on, easy-to-use strategies for using The Zones at home
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Adolescent Adaptations Training

In this 1-hour training, you will learn how to use The Zones of Regulation to build self-regulation skills with tweens and teens.

You will learn:

  • Best practices and regulation tools geared toward this unique age group
  • How to adapt The Zones language and resources for adolescents
  • Implementation tips for secondary school settings plus community Q&A
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