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The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum

Learn more about The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum, the next evolution of The Zones by author and creator Leah Kuypers. The digital curriculum includes expanded and evolved lessons from the original edition, reimagined and updated to make it easier to teach and more engaging to learn.

Supplemental Products

Check out our engaging storybooks, interactive card decks, posters, and fun board games to help kids develop and apply everyday regulation skills using The Zones of Regulation.

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The Zones of Regulation® Apps

Download our interactive mobile apps: The Zones of Regulation and Exploring Emotions from your App Store.

Free Resources

Jumpstart your Zones implementation with these activities. Best Practice Note: All of these reproducibles are to be used in conjunction with The Zones of Regulation Curriculum.

The Zones of Regulation Start Up Guide

A guide to take you through the steps to get started on your implementation process with The Zones.

Supplementary Zones Emotion Visuals

These Zones visuals feature characters from The Zones of Regulation Storybook Set. They can be used when teaching Lesson 1 in The Zones of Regulation curriculum to supplement Reproducible C: Zones Emotions and Reproducible E: The Zones of Regulation Visual and at any point in the learning process.

Our most popular resources are available in Spanish, French, and English.

We are pleased to provide digital versions of three widely used “Reproducibles” from the curriculum book translated into Spanish and French. In addition, you will find the English version in the digital format which is already included with The Zones book.

Information About The Zones Of Regulation (Reproducible A)



The Zones Of Regulation Glossary (Reproducible B)



The Zones Of Regulation Visual (Reproducible E)




New Emotion Imagery (Zones Reproducibles C, E, BB)

We are pleased to announce that we have included a broader representation of characters within our Zones emotions illustrations throughout the book. While eight characters can’t possibly embody all the spectrum of humanity, we hope that learners see glimpses of themselves and those that they know among this new cast.  Updated versions of select Reproducibles are available for download to all Zones of Regulation curriculum users

Adolescent Zones Logo Visual 

This Zones of Regulation visual, featuring our updated Zones logo design, is helpful for learners who have access to a broad emotional vocabulary.

Lanyard Zones Check-in 

Print and use this Zones check-in on staff lanyards, or even as a tabletop check-in for learners.

All the Zones Are Okay Coloring Page 

Use this coloring page to reinforce the key concepts that all our feelings and Zones are Okay!

Adapting The Zones Across Settings

Motivate and Engage your learners with developmentally appropriate activities.

Early Childhood

Examples, recommendations, and best practices.

Teens and Tweens

Age-appropriate visuals and implementation strategies for adolescent learners.

Schoolwide Implementation

Deepen your schoolwide implementation with these resources.

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Schoolwide Zones

Schoolwide Implementation Planning Guide

School Walkthrough Rubric

Alignment to CASEL Core Competencies

Integrating The Zones in Specialists/Elective Classes

Examples of how to integrate and reinforce Zones and social emotional learning concepts in specialist/elective classes such as music, art, physical education, media, etc.

Data/Assessment Tools

Track important Zones data with these tools.

We are excited to share a new set of Zones of Regulation Data Collection Tools that evaluate the development of regulation competencies and practices for both learners and educators/facilitators. These tools focus on the skills and learning targets taught within The Zones of Regulation curriculum. Each can be used before (pre), during (mid), and after (post) Zones instruction/intervention to inform instructional planning for individuals or groups.

Data Collection Tools

(Learner Self-Evaluation, Regulation Skills Inventory, Staff Implementation Survey)

Fidelity Checklist

For the Home

Helpful resources for using The Zones in a home.

Caregivers can use The Zones of Regulation to help think about, talk about, and manage feelings with learners of all ages at home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Zones Check-In for Home

Make a Zones Check-in At Home Video

Recommended Books for Caregivers/Parents

Zones Sample Letter to Teacher

(Letter template for parents and caregivers to introduce their child to a new teacher)


Equity and Inclusion Strategies for The Zones of Regulation

While The Zones of Regulation framework and concepts are often considered universal, teachers and facilitator should use neurodiverse-affirming, identity-affirming, and culturally responsive strategies/practices that respect, reflect, and honor student identities and life experiences. These climate and instructional strategies will help you on your journey to creating more equitable and accessible learning experiences for all learners.

Equity and Inclusion Strategies


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