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The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum, the next evolution of the original best-selling book by Leah Kuypers, offers a comprehensive approach to help learners ages 4 and older understand and manage their emotions effectively.

  • Flexibly designed for teaching individuals, small groups, or whole classes of learners in schools, homes, therapeutic, and community settings.
  • Includes time-tested concepts from the 1st edition book plus new content that reflects a decade of innovation and research.
  • Conveniently accessed on a web-based platform.
  • A more inclusive, accessible, and neurodiverse-affirming approach using UDL (Universal Design for Learning).

All designed to make implementation easier for you and more engaging for your learners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Goals of The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum

  • Improve competencies in co-regulation and self-regulation
  • Self-Identify feelings, energy, and levels of alertness
  • Build self-awareness of body signals as they relate to emotions
  • Develop perspective-taking skills
  • Integrate situational awareness with self-awareness to determine how to regulate
  • Identify triggers and sparks that impact regulation
  • Learn why regulation matters in relation to goals and well-being
  • Identify, practice, and utilize effective regulation and wellness tools/strategies
  • Understand when and how to use tools
  • Build positive decision making and problem-solving skills
  • Reflect on situations or experiences
Digital Curriculum Map

What’s Included:

Concept Guide

Empowers educators with robust and comprehensive step-by-step instruction for teaching each concept.

Interactive Presentation

Learner-facing slides, activities, and videos designed to engage learners through instruction via Smartboard, screen, projector, computer, or tablet.

Group Activity

A hands-on activity that helps learners meaningfully apply the Learning Targets.

Check for Learning

A quick formative assessment to assess learners’ progress toward the concept Learning Targets.


A summary of each concept to share with others who support learners, including caregivers and support teams. Each Bridge includes pertinent concept information and visuals, as well as a fun activity to support generalization.

Geared Activities

A menu of supplemental differentiated activities designed to apply, extend, or reinforce concepts being taught. These enrichment activities support learners across a developmental continuum of abilities.

Resource Library

A searchable library of every resource found throughout the entire curriculum, including a collection of posters, visuals, regulation tools, and activities. All of these brand-new, official materials are easily accessible to save you time.

Zones Visuals to Print and Display

Image from Zones Visuals section of the Digital Curriculum’s Resource Library.


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See for Yourself

Engaging for Learners of All Ages

  • Videos and animations to complement instruction
  • Interactive digital games and activities
  • Movement and multi-sensory activities
  • A diverse range of activities, including art, technology, literature, writing, drama, and mindfulness
  • Well-loved, time-tested, group games such as Four Corners, Bingo, Night at The Museum, and Charades
  • Relatable scenarios, characters, and images

Highlights from the New Edition

Defining Regulation:

Building an understanding of what regulation is and its relationship to our well-being.

Body Signals:

A more comprehensive approach to noticing our body signals (interoception).

The Zones Check-In:

A structured routine to build self-awareness and practice mindfulness.

Exploring Sparks:

Building awareness of things that “spark” our strong joyful feelings and impact our regulation.

Tool of the Week:

A daily practice routine to teach an ALL NEW collection of regulation tools.

The Zones Pathway:

A step-by-step process to follow for regulation.


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