FAQs about our Digital Curriculum and Trainings

Purchasing and Timing Related to the Digital Curriculum

When can I buy the new Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum?

We are currently accepting orders, however, the content will be accessible when we ‘open’ the platform in mid-July 2024.

When can I begin using the Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum platform?

The Digital Curriculum platform will go live by mid-July 2024, in time for the 2024-25 academic year.

I would like more information. Can I meet with a member of The Zones team?

We’re hosting a series of Demo Sessions on the Digital Curriculum led by members of our Zones of Regulation team. Demo Session Schedule and Sign Up

What is the price of the Digital Curriculum?

A one-year subscription is $120.00 USD per user. Bulk rates: 10% discount for 10 or more and 20% discount for 30 or more. Email us at sales@zonesofregulation.com regarding pricing for very large scale implementations.

Will my subscription be automatically renewed when it expires?

No. Subscribers will receive a reminder email shortly before their subscription expires with information about how to renew.

Do I need to begin teaching the Digital Curriculum at the start of the academic year?

No. Like the original edition, you can begin using the new curriculum at any time of the year.

Can I receive a quote for the Digital Curriculum?

The most efficient way for us to provide a price quote for either the Digital Curriculum (or for any of our Trainings) is to complete and submit a short form at: Request a Quote


How can I attend training on the new Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum?

Visit our Training Page to read descriptions of our different offerings, view our current schedule, and to register: Training

I recently attended a Zones training. Do I now need to take the new Training?

Our Zones of Regulation training is continually evolving to provide the most current and effective thinking around The Zones. Participants who attended our Basic and Comprehensive Trainings in the past few years were trained on the conceptual information of The Zones framework that is now included in the new Digital Curriculum. You will find the Digital Curriculum a more user-friendly resource to support implementation of the concepts explored within your training session. What is different is the new training showcases resource examples from the new Digital Curriculum rather than their similar counterparts that were from the first edition print book. With the training you’ve completed, you should be well-equipped to begin implementing the Zones of Regulation framework within your setting effectively.

How do we sign up for a live online training?

From the Training tab click Overview/Schedule or the individual training you want to register for. Once registration is completed you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to access documents for the training, the invite, and logistics for the day.

What is the cost for a live online training?

The cost of our trainings depends on which training you are signing up for and how many participants are joining. The pricing details and group discount rates can be found by scrolling to the end of each type of training page. The rate will also be calculated when entering the total number of participants on the registration page for each type of training.

What kind of equipment do we need?

  • A device with internet connection (high speed service works best)
  • Audio Output (speakers/headphones)
  • A phone if you want to listen via audio by calling in with the phone number in your confirmation email
  • If viewing as a group, ensure your participants have all the administrative, logistical, and technical support they may need to ensure a successful training.

We can’t attend the live training date. Will the training be repeated? Is there any way to watch it later?

You will receive an access link after the training has taken place for a non-downloadable recording/replay of the training. This will expire 30 days after receiving the link.

How do I ask a question during the training? Will my question be answered during the presentation?

At the end of each webinar there will be Q&A time. You can ask a question by typing it into the Q&A that appears on the toolbar on your screen. Q&A may be limited given the volume of questions and time constraints. Questions that appeal to a larger audience will be prioritized during Q&A.

Can I get a copy of the presentation slides used in the training?

The presentation slide deck is not available, but participants will have access to slide handouts for the live training prior to the day of the training. The participants will want to visit the password protected page on our website to print off or download the materials. The password for this page will be sent to participants via confirmation email.

How can I get information on future trainings?

Future trainings are posted on our website as soon as they are scheduled and are also announced via our Newsletters. You can Join Our Zones Community by submitting your email at the base of this page.

Do I earn CEUs for attending the training?

A certificate of completion is provided documenting the clock hours for the training. This can be accessed on the password protected document page on our website.


How will I receive handouts for the training?

Participants will want to visit the password protected document page on our website to view and/or print the materials. The password for this page will be sent to participants via email.

What are some Troubleshooting/Tips for trainings?

  • Close all windows with the exception of the one window for the webinar
  • Ensure speaker/volume functionality
  • Tech support will be available on our end throughout the training

Who do I contact if I am having trouble during the training?

Molly Schock, our Director of Operations will be available throughout the training and you can contact her by email (molly@zonesofregulation.com) or phone (312-952-4361).


What is different about the NEW Digital Curriculum?  If I have the 2011 edition of The Zones of Regulation, do I need the new Digital Curriculum?

The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum equips you with the resources to teach the latest, most up-to-date Zones of Regulation framework. The lesson concepts found within include the best from the original curriculum, along with numerous enhancements to make implementation easier for you, as well as more engaging for your learners. These enhancements contained in each lesson concept include the following:

  • Ready-to-use digital presentations with interactive activities and videos to engage learners.
  • Integration of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to minimize barriers for learners of different ages and abilities. This includes numerous extension activities geared for instruction at different ages and support levels.
  • Concept Guides with detailed step-by-step teaching points and suggestions for differentiating and extending learning.
  • Easy access to downloadable resources:
    • Updated graphics, visual supports, and over a 100 activity sheets
    • Formative assessments
    • School-to-home connection (The Bridge)

The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum also includes the following new Zones of Regulation core content:

  • What is Regulation?
  • Intro to The Zones
  • All The Zones are Okay
  • My Signals, My Zones
  • The Zones Check-In
  • Situations that Trigger and Spark
  • What Is a Regulation Tool
  • Building a Zones Toolbox
  • Deciding to Regulate
  • The Zones Pathway
  • Zones in Community
  • Reflecting on Regulation

What is new/different in the Getting Into the Zones of Regulation book compared to the 2011 edition?

The new Getting Into The Zones book explores the competency of regulation so we can better understand our learners and how best to support them. This understanding is vital whether you go on to implement The Zones of Regulation or not. In addition, you will learn about The Zones of Regulation framework and explore the following new topics:

  • Defining regulation and why it matters
  • Regulation and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Development of regulation strategies
  • Neurobiological considerations impacting regulation
  • The impact of lived experiences on regulation
  • ACES/Trauma informed care considerations
  • Neurodiversity-affirming practices
  • Culturally responsive teaching strategies
  • Using a structured system for regulation
  • Key tenets of The Zones of Regulation
  • The Zones of Regulation Pathway
  • How to create a Zones Climate
  • Zones alignment to CASEL competencies
  • Zones Instructional models, scope, and sequence
  • Adult social-emotional learning (SEL) woven throughout

After reading this book, you will gain the knowledge and understanding to have what you need to implement The Zones of Regulation (see next question) as it is intended.

Do I need to have the print version of The Zones of Regulation to use the Digital Curriculum?

No. Everything you need to teach and learn about The Zones of Regulation will be included within your Digital Curriculum subscription. If you already own the original Zones of Regulation Curriculum book (published in 2011), please note that the new Digital Curriculum contains all new lessons and activities to use with learners.

I already have many Zones related products? Will these still be relevant for the new Digital Curriculum?

Yes. Our games, apps, ‘original’ posters, Tools to Try Cards, and Storybooks remain effective ancillary resources and can be used with the new Digital Curriculum. We will also be releasing a NEW set of posters. They will be available through Social Thinking: www.socialthinking.com.

Can I still order the original Zones of Regulation curriculum book?

Social Thinking will continue to sell the original Zones curriculum (published 2011) while supplies last.


Is the original 2011 Zones of Regulation curriculum book out of date?

While it’s possible to continue using the original editions, the new Digital Curriculum greatly expands on the core teaching found in the first edition and reflects the most relevant and up-to-date Zones theory and lessons.

Will there be a new print version of The Zones of Regulation curriculum?

The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum concepts/lessons will only be offered digitally. However, for Zones Leaders looking for a print book, Getting Into The Zones of Regulation is an organized, easy to access, comprehensive reference, print companion to The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum. This book includes all the core information, theory, and resources needed to inform your teaching of The Zones with fidelity. Included with this new print guide is digital access to Concept 1 of the Digital Curriculum.

Do I need the new Getting Into The Zones of Regulation book if I have a subscription to the Digital Curriculum?

It’s personal preference. For Zones Leaders who appreciate a comprehensive reference and deep understanding of the theory and Zones framework, Getting Into The Zones of Regulation™ is the all-new print companion to The Zones of Regulation(R) Digital Curriculum. It contains all the core information, theory and resources needed to foster regulation and set you up for success for teaching The Zones with confidence and fidelity. Included with this new print guide is digital access to Concept 1 of the Digital Curriculum.


How many licenses do I need?

Each license is for one “Zones Leader,” such as a teacher, therapist, or caregiver, etc. So, for a whole school implementation with 25 teachers, you would ideally require 25 licenses to ensure each teacher has access.

Do students/learners need a subscription?

No. The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum content is designed to be facilitated by a “Zones Leader,” such as a teacher, therapist, caregiver, etc. Students/learners do not need subscriptions at this time.

What grade levels can the curriculum be used with?

The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum includes numerous resources that extend and adapt learning to ages 4 through adults, however, the Interactive Presentations were developed for learners ages 8 and above. Language will need to be modified for use with younger learners and those with emergent language. The comprehensive  Concept Guides have many suggestions for scaffolded learning to help you make teaching meaningful and engaging for a wide spectrum of learners.

Each learning concept contains a series of Geared Activities that differentiate and adapt lesson content for learners of varying ages, development, and skills as well as prior familiarity with The Zones.

How many students can be assigned to each license?

The Zones Digital Curriculum content is designed to be facilitated by a “Zones Leader,” such as a teacher, therapist, caregiver, etc. Students/learners do not need subscriptions at this time.

Would you say The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum is a Tier 1, 2 or 3 program?

  • The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum is versatile, suitable for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 interventions. It integrates Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles for accessibility across all tiers. Its flexibility allows for tailored support and extension activities to meet the needs of diverse learners at each intervention level.

Using the Digital Curriculum how long does it take to implement The Zones of Regulation?

Our new Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum contains 10 “Concepts,” which are each designed to be taught over multiple sessions. They can be flexibly split up into 3-4 ten to fifteen-minute mini-lessons, 2 twenty to thirty-minute sessions, or one forty minute to an hour-long session depending on your programming. Here are some “must haves” to teach The Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum with fidelity:

  • Deliver instruction over 4+ months
  • Directly teach and/or reinforce skills for a minimum of 40 mins/week
  • Pace instruction according to learners needs
  • Reinforce concepts and strategies across day and settings
  • Integrate Zones Climate elements

I work in a setting with lots of support staff (paraprofessionals, aides, assistant teachers and interns, etc.). In settings like this, does each adult need a separate subscription to the Digital Curriculum?

We recommend that all lead or head teachers have their own license. It is not necessary for support professionals to also have their own subscription. In situations like this, the lead teacher or counselor might teach the core lesson of a Zones Concept to a class or group and then ask an aide or paraprofessional to extend the lesson with learners by using the follow-up activities that are a part of each Zones concept.

General Info and Technology

How do I learn about new developments?

We’re excited to stay in touch! You can subscribe to our Newsletter by submitting your email at the base of this page.

Do I need any special equipment or hardware to access the new Digital Curriculum?

No. The Digital Curriculum can be viewed using any internet connected device. However, given the amount and type of content, we recommend using a laptop, desktop, or larger tablet screen and projecting the Interactive Presentation to a larger screen/smartboard for learner-viewing and engagement.

I reside outside of the United States. Can I purchase the new Digital Curriculum?

Absolutely! The Digital Curriculum is available worldwide.

Is the Digital Curriculum available in Spanish or any language other than English?

No. The Digital Curriculum is only available in English, although we have a limited number of resources in Spanish and French available on our website.

My school has poor internet service. What do you suggest I do?

In areas with unreliable internet service, it may be more challenging to use the Interactive Presentation feature within each curriculum concept, which includes videos and digital interactive games and activities. However, within each Concept Guide we provide lesson scripting and non-digital Alternative Activities to ensure high-quality teaching and learning. Additionally, nearly all of the 100+ activities, visuals, and handouts included in the Digital Curriculum may be downloaded and printed for ease of use.

What is the difference between products on the Zones of Regulation website and Social Thinking website?

Our company, The Zones of Regulation, Inc., is dedicated to the development and education around The Zones of Regulation framework. Owned by the author of The Zones of Regulation, we focus on the development of Zones related materials such as the NEW Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum (2nd Edition, 2024) and conducting trainings/webinars on The Zones of Regulation framework. You would purchase the NEW Zones of Regulation Digital Curriculum (2nd Edition, 2024) from us. You would also purchase training from us.

Social Thinking is the publishing company of Zones print products such as our game, Card Decks for Kids Teens/Tweens and posters. These physical products are available at www.socialthinking.com. Please send your product-related questions to: info@socialthinking.com

I have a specific question not included here. Who can I contact for more information?

Please email us at info@zonesofregulation.com and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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