New Data Collection Tools From The Zones Of Regulation

October 19th, 2022

We are excited to be releasing a new set of Zones of Regulation Data Collection Tools that evaluate the development of regulation competencies and practices for both learners and educators/facilitators. These tools focus on the skills and learning targets taught within The Zones of Regulation curriculum. Each assessment survey can be used before (pre), during (mid), and after (post) Zones instruction/intervention to inform instructional planning for individuals or groups. Keep reading to learn more about our FREE Zones of Regulation Data Collection Tools!


​Our new “Regulation Skills Inventory” and “Learner Self-Reflection” are informal assessments that can be used at the beginning,  midpoint, or the end of a Zones of Regulation instructional period with individuals or groups of learners. They can help to evaluate your learners’ competencies and development in building self-awareness of feelings, use of regulation tools and strategies, and decision making around regulation.  As a best practice, these tools are meant to be just one snapshot in the larger picture of getting to know your unique learners and determining their strengths and needs within the competency of regulation. We suggest that you use these measures in conjunction with observations, discussions, or interviews with learners and their support system including parents/caregivers, service providers, educators, and other important adults.​

Regulation Skills Inventory
Learner Self-Reflection


Adult SEL capacity and instructional practices of educators and facilitators are increasingly being recognized as key components in building a climate that supports learners’ growth in regulation. Our new “Staff Implementation Survey” can be used to assess staff comfort, readiness, and climate strategies associated with The Zones of Regulation.  The data collected from this tool can be used to help a Zones leadership team determine strengths, areas of growth and support, and monitor an implementation plan.

Staff Implementation Survey

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Author - Leah Kuypers & The Zones team

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